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Student Driving/Parking


Student parking permits are distributed to students in good standing that have their driver’s license. School administrators have the right and authority to deny any student a parking permit application and/or revoke the parking permit at any time.

  • Student vehicles are parked at the operator’s and/or owner’s risk. 
  • Student vehicles are to be parked in the designated student parking areas only or they will be subject to being towed at the owner’s expense.
  • Disorderly and/or disruptive conduct on school grounds and/or property is prohibited, but not limited to: Vehicles driven over 5 mph and/or driven recklessly; revving engines; burning out; peeling out; and/or playing loud audio. 
  • Leaving school grounds without permission during the day is prohibited. Students are prohibited from leaving school during lunch and study hall. 
  • A vehicle driven to school by a student may not be used during the school day for any purpose other than direct transportation between home, school and/or work.
  • Please have all necessary belongings from your car as there will be no access to your vehicle during the school day.
  • You may not transfer your permit to another student or to another vehicle. If you change your vehicle during the year, you must update vehicle information in the Assistant Principals’ office.
  • If you are issued a vehicle violation ticket, you must report to the Assistant Principals’ office within 24 hours (1 school day) or jeopardize the privilege to park on campus. If you have received three violation tickets, you may be subject to being towed at owner’s expense and/or loss of parking privilege. 
  • Any lettering on a vehicle needs to adhere to the school code of conduct.
  • Student may not presume issuance of a parking permit based on submitting the application. A vehicle without a permit may not be parked on campus and may be subject to being towed at owner’s expense.
  • Students with excessive unexcused absences and/or tardiness may have their parking privilege revoked and/or suspended. 
  • Chronic and/or significant office referrals may result in parking permit being revoked and/or suspended. 
  • Driving to and from BOCES without proper permission may call for loss of parking privilege. 
  • Allowing unauthorized students in your car may result in loss of parking privilege and/or disciplinary action.
  • Old parking permits from previous year(s) must be returned to the Assistant Principals’ office if applicable.
  • There cannot be any outstanding school debts e.g., iPads; Chromebooks; textbooks; library books; calculators; locks; sports equipment; cafeteria charges and/or any other materials and/or debts in prior school year(s) or the current school year.